Learning places – do we need new places for learning ?

It all started with the 4 “C’s” of the 21st century of the future skills: Collaboration, Critical thinking, Creativity and Communication. However, this proved to only be the beginning of this way of thinking. Brian S. Miller first introduced the world to the new, augmented concept – the 6 C’s of Education. But why exactly are these skills so important and what do they stand for?

Employers are looking for people with creativity and problem-solving skills and an ability to adapt to changes, especially in times like this. At the moment, we are facing huge changes in our lives, at work and in schools. The question is, how can we Collaborate without sharing the same space? Or how can the skill of Critical thinking help us to filter, analyze and question information/content found in various media, and then develop it in a form that has a value to an individual? Clear Communication will support us in presenting information in a concise and meaningful way. It also encourages active listening and articulating thoughts.

But what are the other three future skills of education? Now, Creativity means an individual must be able to create something new or experiment with something in a different way, utilizing the knowledge he has already acquired. Communitiy is even more valuable in times like this- understanding the importance of human connectivity in a world filled with technology is a necessary skill to teach and learn. The last C- Character, is the commitment to helping people become responsible, caring, and contributing citizens.

We believe that the 6 C’s of education can be a great framework to use for all topics- ranging from teaching, learning and creating from different perspectives and behavior to tools, technology, space and environment.

We would like to invite you to our 6th Education Conference to discuss with you, together, how to co-create and implement new ideas alongside you to make the 6 C’s of education become more alive.

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.”

– Alvin Toffler –

The 6th Congress
„Campus Of The Future“

The 6th Congress „Campus of the Future” will be conducted on December 2nd and 3rd 2020 at the Deutsches Hygiene Museum Dresden, Germany.

With the support of DRESDEN-concept, we have created a program that addresses the future skills and the learning environment in the 21st Century. The event will focus on the six C’s of education: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, community and character.

Apart from the keynote speeches, you can make the six C´s your own when going into the workshops on the second day – engaging critically and creatively with the other participants.

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